Tuesday, September 29, 2009

may i introduce:

the newest (and only) member of my PEZ collection, mr darth vader ♥

only 86 days until christmas..

I think one of these will be on the top of my list this year:

[Equestrian Crown Underground Tote from Juicy Couture, $US398, www.juicycouture.com]

[Padlock China Bag (Beige), from Juicy Couture, $US328, www.juicycouture.com]

...what can i say, i juicy

Monday, September 28, 2009

so freaking awesome..

[forgot the pic source, oops!]

this picture makes me want to start collecting PEZ dispensers. and sticking them to my walls. in perfect rows. for people to be utterly amazed by.

[current tally: 0 PEZ dispensers]

today, i ordered these:

[Enesco salt and pepper shakers]

i feel like these kinda fall into that 'so lame they're almost cool' category. actually, they probably don't. but i love them all the same. they are equal parts tacky and brilliant.

i can see myself handing these down to my grandkids some day.. they will no doubt remember me as that eccentric woman obsessed with shopping and cats.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

today, these arrived:

[picture courtesy of modcloth.com]

.. and they are even more amazing in real life!

i was somewhat anxious about spending that much money on swimmers.. especially because they were coming from the other side of the world - meaning that i couldn't try them on and returning them would be impossible.. but they were just too cute and i had to have them. turns out i had nothing to worry about.

definitely one of my best online purchases in quite awhile.